"There’s me."

i like the hand on neck thing can you tell
RadioTimes.com Television Champion 2014

Everyone go vote for Luke Newberry in the RadioTimes poll!  Let’s show our support for him and In the Flesh.

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Available here!

Why is this the first time that I am seeing this?? Simon Monroe 1982-2009. He’s 27! (BBC Three twitter)
#SaveInTheFlesh-VOTE FOR LUKE NEWBERRY for RadioTimes.com Television Champion 2014



In the Flesh fans, whatever we call ourselves,we need to vote for Luke Newberry, he’s losing at the moment!

The other guy hasn’t got a big lead on Luke - we could pull this back:

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Saving "In The Flesh"


In The Flesh is a BBC3 show about zombies. Reading that, you’d expect something akin to The Walking Dead or at least a horror movie. But In The Flesh uses the post-apocolyptic zombie theme as a conduit, rather than a shallow focus. A conduit for some of the most gripping, emotional, political,…

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